Complete newcomer matter – best ways to hook up my personal Velodyne to our receiver.

Complete newcomer matter <a href="">hop over to here</a> – best ways to hook up my personal Velodyne to our receiver.


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Sorry, I know that this ought to be noticeable, but I am unable to conclude it out – nevertheless had comments looking through the guide!

Just how do I link our Yamaha RX3900 device to a Velodyne CHT-Q sets subwoofer.

The sub offers stereo (l+r) inputs (all You will find purchased before have experienced mono stimulant) together with the yamaha amp does not have a subwoofer result in which the rest of the speaker system outputs are found.

Thanks a lot, and kindly dismiss the absurdity – I am sure the response will be apparent once i am aware.



You have to connect the Pre-OUT sub on Yamaha to either the put or suitable network on the Velodyne

It is simply above the middle associated with three orange digital coaxial stimulant on the Yamaha

Change: apologies that you’s a feedback, usually the one you need happens to be a couple more on the right when you correctly discovered they.


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All right, excellent. It was the left and right that has been perplexing me personally.

Why does the subwoofer have gone and right passage?



In the event your amp hasn’t got a passionate sub woofer channel ie is HiFi maybe not an AV radio, but features stereo pre-outs, you could potentially forward the total vary left and right route around the submarine when it comes to submarine to extract the LFE wavelengths from.

As you have the LFE as a mono indicator you don’t have to hook up to both, however some individuals do it using a phono splitter. Many subs get one or additional of Left and Right likewise denoted upwards as mono, or else you can find that submarine handbook suggests one on the more.


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Ah, ok, I reckon I have it.

Undoubtedly really to understand for this matter.

Many thanks for the allow.


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One previous question, appears like We would like a cable tv with a male connector at one extreme (to plug in the Yamaha) and a clean cable on the other half (to connect to either the put or ideal input the spine of this subwoofer).

I have a few AV takes with fittings on, do I simply sliced one finish away and make use of that? They aren’t particularly heavier gauge cable, merely the kind of wire you might get in a Maplins or Dixons. Will that feel sufficient?


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I have attempted to link the sub – nevertheless isn’t employed. Exactly what have always been I working on wrong?

I got myself an RCA cable and block one close. Undecided if I should utilize the center cable, or the external wire for kept or great, but tried both.

The subwoofer just offers a continual hum.

Other conclusion is plugged into the rear of the RX3900 within the submarine woofer connector, maybe not one on top of the 3 lime connections, but moreover along to the right in the same row (notice attached).



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I bought an RCA cable and blocked one terminate. Unclear easily should use middle line, or even the external line for kept or correct, but tried both.

The sub simply have a continuing hum.

One another end was plugged into the back of the RX3900 when you look at the sub woofer connector, not the right one higher than the 3 orange fittings, but farther along along to the right in identical strip (notice linked).

You have the wire attached to the right terminal on Yamaha however cannot hook up a reasonable amount RCA cable to advanced level speaker stimulant, does indeed your very own Velodyne have got RCA stimulant (low/line level) ?

Using a solitary RCA – RCA wire you only need to connect from the Yamahas submarine pre out (the main you’re using now) to a single belonging to the the Velodynes low/line levels RCA inputs

Would you send a photo with the backside associated with the Velodyne or afford the exact style number ?

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